Men Short Sleeve Button Striped Shirt

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  • Fabric Material: 19.4% Linen+ 80.6% Cotton
  • Button-down collar.
  • Sleeve: Short Sleeve
  • Decoration: Striped, Button
  • Thickness: Standard
  • Occasion: Casual, Fashion, Vintage
  • Season: Spring, Summer

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6 reviews for Men Short Sleeve Button Striped Shirt

  1. Callaghan

    I admit it – I’m a big fan of linen. Years back I had a linen blazer that was one of my go-to summer blazers. Linen might wrinkle, but it’s part of the look, not at all like something wrinkled from improper storage, but just in its nature. It’s hard to explain, but once you understand the look, it’s hard to go back.This shirt is well constructed – you get a breast pocket, and the collar is well sized. The collar is also lined with a cotton strip, which makes it bit more sturdy on the back of the neck.I love this shirt. I love the look of linen in the hot weather, and this shirt is true to size and available in a lot of colors. I am going to get a few more of these to cover some of my weekend warm weather bases. Excellent

  2. Trouble

    This is a good looking shirt. It fits our young man who is 6’4″ and 135 pounds (according to him, it is probably closer to 130), It fits him a little closely but he wears a t-shirt under it except at the pool or beach, because it is pretty sheer.It is a nice looking shirt. It is soft and comfortable and drapes nicely on him. It is a good basic white summer shirt.The fabric is 100% linen. I had to throw it in the dryer a few times to get the folds out of it. I threw it in with wet clothes so that it would get wet and then dried but not soaked. Those times it came out pretty wrinkle free. The first couple of washes were also pretty good but that is pulling it out of the dryer pre dried totally. Eventually I am going to introduce the kid to an iron. It’s not going to be pretty

  3. peoples

    I ordered the wrong size. Upon reordering, I live my shirt. The fit, the feel, it’s very nice

  4. Honest

    Finally, a size chart that is accurate to the product. I like the fit, not too loose and not too snug for an average build guy…okay, I’m a few pounds heavier than I should be. The fabric feels nice and comes out of the wash less wrinkled than some of my other linen shirts. The collar is crisp and lays flat without the ends puckering up. Overall, I am happy with this shirt

  5. Seaman

    There’s nothing quite as classy and as comfortable as a linen shirt. This one is well made but more so is beautiful.The nice thing about linen is that it’s meant to wrinkle. The shirt gathers a smart but comfortable look as the day goes on. It’s a fabric that breathes so that while other fabrics trap in sweat or become damp, linen lets you feel as if the breeze is directly on your skin. You feel good in this linen shirt.The price is fantastic. In 1985 I bought my first linen shirt in Italy at the reasonable price of 85,000 Lire (about $72 at the time) and I’ve never bought a linen suit. I’m a singer who plays piano and I perform under many very hot lights in theatres crammed with people. This shirt not only looks good in performance but is comfortable and lets my upper body move to command the piano while handing in front of the mic.Follow the washing instructions but use common sense. It takes a hot iron but be careful not to burn the fabric. If you’re new to linen ask around a bit or iron a few handkerchiefs. Start the day ironed but remember that Linen is supposed to wrinkle. (“His shirt is beautiful,” she whispered to her sister, “think it’s real linen?” “Of course it’s linen,” she replied, “look at the wrinkles; they’re all even and almost patterned.”)This shirt with dress pants is suitable for a wedding, with jeans it is a classy look for a date or summer party and over swim trunks or cargo shorts on the beach you’re just hot. The white color in linen is beautiful against any skin color- the darker the skin the more stunning the contrast. This shirt looks fantastic on anyone and the simplicity of its design and extremely well made quality is a great frame for your chest, your arms, your comfort, and , well, your ego.We all deserve that

  6. Daffy Du

    It’s hard to go wrong with linen for summer, and this classic white linen shirt is perfect for men who value comfort and quality. It’s well made, nicely designed and made of good quality linen (soft, not stiff or scratchy). Like the classic style it is, It has a patch pocket, a yoke and two small pleats in the back. It will get lots of wear here, wrinkles or no wrinkles (linen being a fabric that wrinkles if you so much as look at it wrong–hang it up directly out of the dryer, as others have advised).Five stars. A winne

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