A General Public Bag That Reflects the Change of Life | This is the Medal for Men

Deep in every man’s heart, there is a place, a person, a bag, a road, a journey, there are neither bondages nor traces of embarrassment.

Back to out point, where kind of bag a man must carry in order for him to chase after the unknown future?

It is often said that a woman’s bag is a safe. Inside the safe are all the woman’s secrets and comfort.

If this is the case, then a man’s bag is like the storage room of equipment. Inside the room housed all the necessities and equipment to meet the daily life’s needs. For men in this era, whether it is work or travelling, the daily life is like a training camp.  Men are like soldiers grinding their gun at night. When they finish their work at night, they will pack up their equipment.

What men use to distinguish themselves?Perhaps, it is a bag.

Apart from staying away from everyday life and pursuing the unknown, travelling is a way that men use to confirm their existence. This is their real battlefield. This is where they left behind the shell they suited up by the society. This is where men can exhibit their natural exile.

A classic, timeless handmade leather bag is no less than a good watch for the styling texture. It is one of the man’s ultimate accessories.

Today, we will introduce EUCE new small-niche hand-made bag to you: the tough look and the all-leather design make this bag a must-have.

The style blends retro/outdoor/everyday together and is very practical. There is a full-screen pocket on the outside of the bag, which is convenient for holding small objects at any time. Office workers can put badges, umbrellas, mobile phones, chargers inside, etc. Regarding Outdoors use, the bag can also store cameras, small blades, coats and so on. The belt in th middle can be used to hang the cup kettle. The interior also features a zipper layer and a pocket layer for easy of items in different categories.

In terms of material, the body is made of whole cowhide leather, with pure copper hardware, and it is also stylish and fashionable. This bag can be used as a practical tool for your daily commute, travel and retro matching. You can use the bag  for many purposes and it is very practical, the bag can help you to easily change your own character.

The carrying system is also carefully designed. During the production process, it references to the carrying method of pepper salt backpacks used in WWII. The force absorbed by the  backpack is well-balanced from all sides.

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