Choosing the Perfect Handbag for Men

In the world today, fashion and necessity have caused the man to finally add handbag to his list of dress accessories. And no matter your profession, the importance of holding handbags for men has increased over the years. A while back, handbags were considered accessories for women, but nowadays, men are as interested in this type and quality of handbag as are women. However, the task of choosing the right handbag to match your needs for a man could be a daunting one. With the myriads of colours, types, materials, and sizes, choosing the right handbag seems to be difficult, causing most men to settle for something they don’t really need or want.

Also, due to practicality, style, masculinity and functionality, men find it extremely difficult to choose or use a handbag especially as they think they look feminine carrying handbags around, when in all truth, the only reason why we – men, feel uncomfortable carrying handbags is because we do not carry the right ones. If the above description sounds like you, then continue reading in order to discover what you need to take into consideration when choosing a handbag.

Tips on how to choose a handbag for men

  • Purpose and Style

Basically, this is the first thing to consider when purchasing a handbag. What do you plan on using it for? What will you carry with it? What outfit should it be worn with? I know! They sound like questions for feminine sex but they help you choose a handbag that does not suck. If you work in a corporate job, the briefcase is the perfect handbag for you. If you plan on using the handbag for sports or gym purposes, you should consider using the Duffel handbag. Also, what you plan on wearing determines the type of handbag you need. Again, corporate workers whose regular attire is the suit should consider using well-polished leather briefcases. This makes you look professional and immediately tells someone who you are.

  • Colour

In choosing a handbag, men should take the its colour into consideration. Colour is very important in choosing a handbag especially for men. This is because while women tend to look amazing in a variety of colours, men tend to look silly. Handbags that are masculine generally are darker in colour. Shouty and very bright colours tend to make men look like a joke. This is especially true if the colour does not blend with your outfit. For men, especially men in some prestigious professions, the colour your wear determines how others look regard you. It is therefore important to choose handbags that are darker in colour. Consider colours such as black, dark blue, brown/coffee brown among others.

  • Body shape

Before you buy a handbag, make sure you look in the mirror to see how it looks on you. Choosing a handbag is like choosing any other fashion accessory – you want something that matches with your body shape and makes you look better. As a result, it is important to choose a handbag that is proportionate to your body shape and size. For example, generally, handbags especially small ones make a person look taller. Knowing whether you are triangular, muscular, oval or broad shaped, also helps you choose the perfect handbag. Some websites have tips on choosing the right handbag based on body shape. Be sure to check them out.

  • Processing and texture

Be sure to take a keen look at the stitches and the general look and feel of the handbag before purchase. Make sure that the seaming and stitching is consistent throughout. Also, the pattern of your handbag should match the seams. Check zippers to make sure that they glide smoothly when opening or closing. Buttons and clasps should also close easily. Check seams especially around the areas where the handles meet the bag to make sure they are firm and well-stitched to avoid them giving way. The texture of the material used to make the handbag should be good and durable. External pocket with magnetic closures and feet at the bottom of handbags make the handbag durable and give the handbag an excellent feel.

Taking these points into consideration helps you choose the perfect handbag – one that blends practicality, functionality and masculinity with style.

Below are some different types of handbags that are suitable for any stylish gentleman.

The BriefcaseMost people fear to use the briefcase because they think it makes them old-fashioned. Fortunately for men, the producers of briefcases know that too, so they have developed a new and modern breed of briefcases – sleeker and slimmer.

This makes the briefcase an ideal handbag for the modern-day gentleman who carries nothing other than his laptop and a few papers. Also, it is ideal for men with the suit as their work attire – consider buying a black leather one. For a more masculine and casual look, try the one in canvas.

 The Duffel Handbag/HoldallAs has been mentioned above, this handbag is perfect for those who use the gym regularly and like to keep their gear close.

The duffel handbag can be used daily in multiple ways while retaining an element of style. It can also act as a portable wardrobe for men whose lives out of work are actually interesting. It is important to pick a medium size for the handbag and while you’re at it, opt for a leather version especially one that comes in black or brown. Leather goes with a myriad of looks.

Tote BagThis is one of the most casual and simplistic handbags for men and it is the perfect handbag for trips with family and friends. Because it is usually made from heavy fabrics such as canvas or cotton, it is naturally strong and durable and can hold a variety of content. Also, some designs made from polyester or nylon are water-resistant.

They are very convenient and versatile as they are usually equipped with parallel handles and can be packed and unpacked with ease due to their open pocket design. Some are equally equipped with zippers. Consider opting for the black or brown leather ones

Carryall BagsThis bag, which can also be called the Holdall, is a perfect men’s handbag for almost any trip. The bag size is such that it meets the requirements for airplane carry-on luggage making it the perfect travel bag for short trips.

It generally comprises of a main compartment which is spacious and meant for clothes and other belongings. Smaller outer pockets for valuables such as wallets are also available to enable quick access. Most designs of this bag feature parallel handles or a comfortable shoulder strap. Holdalls come in different sizes, shapes, colours and textures such as polyester and leather.

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