Comfortable and Low Key Luxury Linen Material Clothing for Men

All over the world, people’s love for linen has survived for centuries and is still enduring. In history, the textile industry has risen and fallen several times. Only flax, as an ancient clothing culture, has maintained a relative stability for a long time. Even under the impact of the rapid development of chemical fiber products, it still retains its elegance.
Especially linen from Ireland, while retaining the casual feel brought by slight wrinkles, it can better maintain the basic lines of clothing, and even bring a sense of lines that exceed wool. (And too soft linen will make the garment feel loose and collapsed after wearing).
Linen is a natural fabric that cools and absorbs sweat. Men’s suits, shirts and trousers made of linen are simple yet elegant.
Men’s linen items and matching skills
Linen men’s suits are made of linen material with cooling characteristics. Therefore, even the suit styles can maintain a comfortable feeling in the hot season without being stuffy. In Europe, linen suits have become an important dress for elegant gentlemen to attend various informal occasions.
Match 1: black suit + light-colored plaid shirt+ dark linen pants, black suit is a versatile style, exquisite tailoring, self-cultivation design, more fit the body streamline, just can reflect your good figure, the light color breaks the black The original dull feeling brought by the suit .
Match 2: Gray retro suit + light blue shirt+ dark linen pants. The combination of light and dark colors can bring us a different visual aesthetic.
Match 3: brick red, red suit + light-colored shirt+ light linen pants, men can have more experiments in the choice of color when choosing a suit, bright linen suit is a good choice, young and full of vitality.
Men’s plain linen shirt, does not need to be emphasized too much. It is a must-have item for men. Not only for business people but also for leisure people. It is very versatile. In the season when the weather is very unstable, it looks good whether it is worn inside or outside. It is worn with casual trousers and is very formal, with jeans and more Casual.
Men’s loose linen shirt, with some simple design elements such as Chinese classical Tang suit, is casual and comfortable, highlighting the gentleman’s style with a calm atmosphere.
Match 1: light-colored linen shirt + dark cropped linen trousers: light-colored linen shirt is a relatively fresh color, and it will give people a cool feeling in summer, with a pair of dark coffee-colored cropped linen pants, comfortable and easy to wear Sex is very natural.
Men’s single trousers made of linen, essential items for elegant men, both comfortable and fashionable. When matched, they are more fashionable.
Match 1: Linen trousers + shirt, the beige or camel trousers with a mild color are the best choice, which can balance comfort and fashion and avoid embarrassing things.
Match 2: Linen trousers + T-shirt: Even if you choose dark linen trousers, it still can’t stop linen from being the most comfortable material in summer. With a white T-shirt, you can wear it at home or go out as a casual daily wear.
Match 3: Linen pants + Polo shirt: Polo shirts are much more fashionable than T-shirts. The beige and white silk Polo is cooler and paired with denim linen pants, refreshing and fashionable, and there is no shortage of men who should be stable.
Match 4: Linen trousers matching + single western or linen jacket: In spring, choose to wear linen trousers. Usually, the most substitute is to match a gentleman’s suit and or safari jacket. The British style is full of style, as if you have returned to the UK with the strongest gentleman culture.
Linen is a natural fabric that cools and absorbs sweat, which has many advantages.
1. Good heat dissipation: Flax fabrics are known as “natural air conditioners”. Flax is the only bundle fiber among natural fibers. Bundle fibers are formed by the adhesion of single flax cells with the aid of glue.
2. Moisture absorption and release: Flax has a natural hammer-like structure and a unique pectinic beveled pore structure. When it comes into contact with the skin, it produces pores, which can help the skin wick away sweat and clean the skin.
3. Health care and antibacterial: Scientific experiments have proved that the antibacterial rate of flax against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans and other international standard strains can reach over 65%, and the antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus beads is over 90%.
4. Anti-allergic: For people with skin allergies, linen clothing is undoubtedly a boon, because linen fabric will not cause allergic reactions, but can help treat some allergic diseases.
5. Anti-fouling and anti-static: Linen fabric has almost no static electricity, is not close to the body, and is not easily contaminated with dust and other microorganisms.
6. UV protection: Flax fiber contains more than 18% hemicellulose, which is several times higher than cotton fiber. Linen clothing can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
7. Flame retardant effect:Flax is the fiber with the best flame retardant effect among all textile fibers.
The history of linen: highlight the luxury and elegance of linen.
Linen is made of flax fiber, which is the oldest textile fiber in the world, and is still shining now.
In 1954, people discovered flax fragments 10,000 years ago at the bottom of the Swiss lake. This is the oldest linen fabric found in the world. Subsequently, people discovered that a piece of linen cloth dating back to 9000 years in the 20th century has been completely preserved. It was used to wrap Egyptian mummies. It seems that the mummy’s well-preservation is also related to this piece of linen. In ancient Egypt, people had a deep meaning to linen-as a symbolic significance of purity, and called it “woven moonlight.” They believe only the most noble people can use linen fabric.
Linen is also a Christian holy object. The most influential piece of linen in the entire Christian world is a piece of linen-the “Turin Corpse” which was used to wrap the body when Jesus was unwound from the lower shelf.
Today, flax fiber is the main linen material and is mainly produced in Western Europe. Flax is produced in Colombia, Poland, Austria, France, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and other countries. The main center of flax production is Ireland. The best flax in the world is produced in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. The flax crop produced in Ireland is called “Linen usitatissimum”, which is mainly grown in Ireland and France. The growth period is about 3 months, and the internal long fibers are strong and strong. Currently, the world’s best linen fabric production center is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Linen can’t speak, but it knows you best and knows what your body needs. The linen fabric woven from natural fibers is light in weight, has good moisture absorption and breathability, and does not stick to the body when sweating. It has a natural cooling effect, soothing your skin for the first time every day.

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