Fashion Essential – Backpack Purses

Backpack purses are perfect for both men and women who normally bring loads of items with them but still want to look stylish and poised. It is known as the hybrid bags which are worn over the shoulder and are commonly equipped with purses rather than backpacks.

It became a hit for women in the mid-1990s and was preferred over purses because of enough room given for all the necessities without feeling awkward. Due to the demand of new styles, the bag that is commonly made from denim, canvas or leather has now evolved to different variations on the usage of materials such as nylon, suede and satin. Backpack purses’ fashion flexibility is just one of the reasons why it is considered as an essential accessory, it is also because of its function and comfort.

Looking for backpack purses is never a problem since it’s made available at almost every store though deciding for which bag to buy won’t be that easy. Remember that it is better to buy something not only because of its design but also for its quality and how useful it can be for you. You must at least be sure that the bag you are interested in will suit your needs to get the most out of it. Backpack purses can come in many features that can be determined by its compartments, pocket arrangement and strap.

Preference is given for bags with broader straps than those with narrow straps since narrow strapped bags can be painful when carrying heavier stuff. For activities that would need both your hands to work and requires you to bring a number of items, then backpack sling purse is perfect enough for that need. It gives enough room than most purses and is less bulky compared to the traditional backpacks.

It’s quite common with bags like these to have pockets both inside and outside. For exterior pockets, you have to check if it’s secure. Other bags may also come with hooks, handle and space to accommodate gadgets such as cell phones, mp3 player, keys, etc. It is suggested that you also consider the bag’s durability so you could have it longer. Preference is given for bags that are machine washable to keep it looking good.

Chооѕіng A GооdBасkрасk

Travel Gear Tірѕ – Bасkрасkѕ

Fоr any sort оfѕеrіоuѕ travel it’s аlwауѕ a great іdеаtо have a backpack. One travel gеаr tip tоdоwіthbасkрасkѕ over аnуоthеr form оfсоntаіnеr is thаtіtlеtѕуоukеер your hаndѕ free. It аlѕоѕhіftѕ the weight оfуоurburdеn to a раrtоfуоurbоdуthаtіѕbеttеr at dеаlіngwіth it, rаthеr than ѕtrеѕѕіngоnеhаndоr switching hаndѕаll day lоng.


Onе of thе most common types of backpacks іѕ a dаурасk. Thіѕ is a ѕmаllрасkwіth just оnеbіg container and perhaps a соuрlеоfросkеtѕ on thеоutѕіdе. Mаnу of thеgооd ones also hаvе a small fishnet hоldеrfоrwаtеrbоttlеѕ. Thеѕе packs аrе usually vеrуlіght and small, dеѕіgnеdfоr taking a couple of nесеѕѕаrуthіngѕwіthуоudurіng the day.

If you’re uѕіngіt in an urbаn setting, then уоu will wаnttорutthеthіngѕіnіtthаtуоu need fоrthе day, such аѕ your lunch, уоur camera аnd your trаvеldосumеntѕ. Mаkе sure you gеtоnе that hаѕѕоmеѕаfеtу features, such аѕ a ѕmаll chain thаtlеtѕуоuаttасhthеzірреr to your belt аѕ a deterrent to pickpockets іnѕоmесоuntrіеѕ.

More trаvеlgеаrtірѕіnсludеuѕіng a daypack іn a rugged ѕеttіng. You mау have some еxtrаіtеmѕіn there thіѕtіmеѕuсhаѕ a сhаngеоf socks in case уоugеt wet оr a clean t-shirt іn case уоuѕwеаttооmuсhіnthе one уоu’rе wearing. Alѕоkеерanеmрtу plastic bаg or two іnthеrеіnсаѕеуоu do nееdtосhаngеwеtсlоthіng.

Mеdіum sized backpacks

Thеѕе are slightly bigger аndсаn take more іtеmѕ. Thеrеаrе special оnеѕ designed fоr carrying laptops аѕ well аѕоnеѕ with two оrmоrе containers to hold things. These mау have afіѕhnеthоldеrаtthеfrоnt of thе pack fоr items such as maps.

They саnbе used іn both urban аnd wilderness ѕеttіngѕаѕwеll, but of соurѕеуоuсаnсаrrу more in them. In an urban ѕеttіngthеу can bе used tо transport books if уоu’rеtаkіng a сlаѕѕаndіn a wіldеrnеѕѕѕеttіngуоuсаnрut your саmеrаіn there whеnуоunееdуоurhаndѕfrее. You саnаlѕосаrrу a ѕеtоfbіnосulаrѕ, a GPS аnd various оthеrеlесtrоnісdеvісеѕуоumау need but nоt on you аt all tіmеѕ.

Multіdау backpacks

Thеѕеbасkрасkѕ are vеrуlаrgе and uѕuаllуhаvеаn aluminum frаmе built іntо the back. They аrе designed fоr carrying lаrgеlоаdѕ such аѕсаmріng gear аndеxtrасlоthіngаnd shoes fоrmultі day treks асrоѕѕwіldеrnеѕѕ areas.

Thеѕе kind оfbасkрасkѕhаvеmаnуросkеtѕоnthе front, bасkаnd sides. Thеуоftеnаlѕоhаvеѕераrаtесоmраrtmеntѕіnthе large соntаіnеrаrеа as wеllthаtсаn be ѕераrаtеdbуwаtеrрrооf lining. Thеу are mоѕt often used bуhіkеrѕwhо are taking vеrуlоngrоutеѕ

Types of backpacks
It has been observed that market has both standard size of leather backpacks as well as custom sized one. Smaller size of backpacks are useful for lunch, keys, cell phones, wallet, checkbooks, etc. whilst larger leather backpacks can house these smaller items in a zippered or buttoned compartment built into the backpack itself.

Leather backpacks are designed for men and women keeping in mind the style preferences for each. They can be either soft or hard leather, containing smaller compartments for different uses. Leather is the preferred material of choice for many and some are as follows:

Camping Backpacks
Camping backpacks are probably the most common type of backpacks. There are a deluxe camping backpack with a weight balancing system and spring loaded suspension. It is used when you are at a long weekend away from home and want to carry all your camping gear on your back.

Hiking backpacks
Hiking is a fun activity for the new generation and need proper instruments. For instance your gear, food water, and all the essential things to keep live yourself when you are miles away from the civilization on a mountain trail. Therefore, you need especially made hiking leather backpacks.

Laptop leather backpacks
The leather laptop backpack allows you to have your laptop around whenever needed without straining your arms.

Some tips on packing a backpack
packing your heavy items at the top will pull you backwards – packing your heavy items near the base will drag you downwards. Therefore ensure that your heavy items are packed relatively in the middle to balance the weight.

Pack spare of the moment items or items you will require often in easy-to-access side pockets. If it starts raining, you don’t want to have to unpack everything to get to your raincoat.

Roll up your mattress and carry it outside of your pack. You can also use your mattress as a buffer between sharp cornered items and your back.

Different Types of Backpacks

Not all the backpacks are the same, or better, every backpack is designed with a specific use in mind.

If it’s the first time you go for a hike you might not understand the technical differences between the types of backpacks: continue reading to better understand which features you should be looking for and what’s the type of hiking backpack that best fits your needs.

Hydration Packs

These backpacks are designed to store water on your back instead of in bottles inside or on the sides of your regular backpack. You can pour some litres of liquids inside these backpacks with the downturn of it getting heavier. It’s up to you to find the perfect balance and it also depends on the length of the hike and on where you are going hiking. Hydration packs have a bag which contains water and have a drinking tube for you to drink with the backpack on your shoulders. Some hydration packs have compartments and side pockets to carry more than just water.


The name derives from the typical usage of this type of backpack, you use it for day hikes, when you don’t need the equipment required to spend a night out or to prepare something to eat several times. A pack is called daypack when the volume is below 35 liters. Most daypacks come without the hip belt because they won’t be so heavy neither in full load conditions, but almost all daypacks have a chest belt which helps keep the pack tight to your body. If you are going to carry much equipment search for a daypack with a hip belt to better distribute the loads.

Multiple Days Backpacks

No doubt this is the most used type of backpack ranging in volume between 35 and 70 liters. Many day hikers decide to buy a backpack of such size to carry more equipment even during day hikes. These backpacks and can be used both for day hikes and multi day hikes.

Expedition Backpacks

Usually more than 60 liters and with enough room to accommodate equipment for very long trips and hikes. The main difference between expedition backpacks and multiple days backpacks is in the attention to body balance. Expedition are designed with broader hip belts to distribute most of the weight of the backpack on the hips, in order to leave your shoulders lighter. The spine is also well protected by how these packs are designed with very long hikes at full load in mind.

Finding The Best Backpacks For Travel Purposes

One of the most convenient means of hauling your clothes around is with a backpack.

Backpacks for travel come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, if you’re prepared to have half your goods on your back, they take away a lot of the inconvenience of other forms of luggage.

backpacks vary greatly depending on what your requirement is. If you’re planning on using one simply to have a convenient way to carry a few items as you pass from one place to another, you should look towards cheaper, smaller backpacks for travel purposes.

At the other extreme, you might be heading off on a mammoth hike. On occasions such as these, rather than simply a few items of clothing going with you, you might have to carry various things such as cutlery and – almost – the kitchen sink. Obviously where this is the case, bigger, more robust ones will be required.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five great backpacks.

1) The Pro Action 50 Liter Rucksack offers value for money as well as durability. Backpacks for travel purposes centered on shorter journeys don’t come much better than this.

Boasting a 50 liter capacity, three external pockets, one internal pocket and adjustable, padded shoulder straps, it’s designed with comfort in mind, and delivers.

It’s also light but hard-wearing, making it good for hiking or for regular travel.

2) Cabin Max Backpack Flight Approved Carry On Bag.
As its name suggests, this is tailor made for airport usage, actually measuring the exact maximum requirements allowed on for IATA carry-on luggage. It’s also lightweight, has adjustable straps and is water resistant.

3) Jan sport Driver 8 Wheeled Backpack
As backpacks go, this is among the most impressive I’ve encountered. The beauty of this is not only that it can be worn as a conventional backpack, but that its eight wheels mean it can be used as a more conventional travel suitcase. Perfect if your transit involves stairs!

4) The Eye Mountaineer 60L Rucksack Backpack Camping Hiking Bag
This sits firmly in the echelon of backpacks that involve walking, and lots of it. With a generous 60-litre capacity, if its size seems intimidating, don’t worry. It’s designed with comfort in mind as the waist belts help the weight disperse to the lumbar area, meaning you can happily hike away without feeling as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

5) And finally, for shorter hikes or a simple transit from place to place won’t get much better than the Borderline 23.18 Liters Hiking Backpack which is hardwearing, has a modest capacity and comfortable to wear.

Ins and Outs Of Leather Backpacks

In ancient time our civilization had not developed synthetic fabrics like we do it today. At that time leather was a precious material and used for clothes, bags, belts and like commodities. Among them leather backpacks were sturdier than other fabrics used. Till today it is consider as a heavy duty and tear resistance material. Leather is fashionable as well as versatile substance to create backpacks for an avid camper, hunters or lovers to hike.

Here are some pros and cons to owe leather backpacks in compare to other materials:

the greatest advantage of using leather is its durability. Leather has been used for a variety of products mainly due to its durability.

Leather backpacks prove low quality when it is poorly constructed and it is untreated for withstand against the damages done by water. It gets shrink if it got wet. However, these all disadvantages may overcome by strict quality controls and proper usage of the latest technology.

Hopefully this article will help in your quest to pick the perfect one for you, depending on your specific needs.

As a general rule of thumb, though, your main objective should be to purchase one that is the right size for your needs. Get this part right, and you’ll be halfway there where it comes to comfort and convenience.

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