How Does a Working Man Choose a Right Clutch Bag

A man choosing the right clutch bag is now essential as times have changed; men are not made to feel as if their masculinity is no more in existent because they choose to wear a bag. You’re a man, and you wear a bag, you don’t need to be afraid of any stigma which is attached to being a man carrying bag. Some of the things required by man in using a clutch bag are to avoid bags with elaborate decoration and unnecessary bells, whistles, buckles, etc. Regardless of what some people might think about a clutch bag, it function should always come first.

The use of clutch bag by men has become one of the most important parts of a fashion mainstream. Several years back man doesn’t have much selection to choose from because they only have the options of a brief case or backpack to keep all their belongings, or they had clear sports bags for their gym activities. But things have changed, Men’s leather bags have much progress in which you can now find them in different colors, sizes, shapes, and all materials ranging from a luxury bag to a decent men’s clutch bag. There is various designs type from messengers to totes available for men. Clutch bags have now become a fashion attention-grabber and are worn by bold and stylish men.

Nowadays, man who makes uses of bags is considered as a desirable man. Many people are now thinking of buying a clutch bag. So what should a man look for while choosing a clutch bag? And what are the ways to find a masculine and a useful bag? A man should always think of the occasion. Clutch bags are obtainable in various colors, styles, and sizes. As a result, it is constantly vital to choose the right bag for the appropriate event. For example, there are silver clutch bags, evening bags and much more. These bags have their different fashion that suits various functions. A man also needs to consider the functions of the clutch bags. They should see that the bag has the enough space to be able to contain their essential belongings that they need to carry with them. You can now select the look of the bag that you want. The clutch bag has assorted colors, and it is essential to choose the color that best suits your taste. There are bold bags which appear with vibrant colors. So also there are classic clutch bags for every man.

Ways a Working Man Can Choose A Right Clutch Bag:

Consider the Occasion

Clutch bags are made in different colors, styles, and sizes and choosing the right one for an occasion you will be attending is significant. Based on where you wanted to use it, select clutches from a collection of frame clutch bags, evening bags, silver clutch bags, etc. Ensure that before you purchase anything; consider the purpose and the reason for buying it. So also, don’t forget to select a clutch that is useful and can grasp least essentials things that you need to bring along with you, such as credit cards, wallets, keys and mobile phone, etc. Men should be unique when it comes to the information of the clutch, select woven material in the stylish colors which are fashionable. You can decide to choose less conventional textures which have a jewel, patch work or sequins effects.


When it comes to colors selection for man’s clutch bags, there are limitless preferences to choose. You are free to experiment with the colors that you need to make a bold statement on your look. Nowadays, traditional colors include, dark citron, red, super lemon, vibrant green and much more. It’s essential, to choose a common color like black, white or gray in some circumstances. A standard silver clutch bag is one of the best, it can go with anything. Some parties also require men to carry an evening clutch bag that will make them look elegant and stylish. Nowadays, there are different types of bags which include clutches that can be modified with initials or names. Men can effortlessly find these personalized bags online ranging from jeweled evening bags, personalized tote bags, embroidered bags and much more.

Consider Weight and Dimensions

If a man requires a gym bag as against clutch, you will find yourself been look by people in the public. So also you must test the weight in order to avoid overload, which can be stressful to carry. If the leather is weighty and when it is full of your possessions it may result into injury or cause distress. But, if you desire to carry around an iPad or any big gadget be aware that its curve can overextend the leather and spoil the bag.

Make Sure It Suits Your Character

If you do not normally plan and don’t normally remove unnecessary things in your bag, a deep tote is perhaps not perfect as you’ll use the corresponding numbers of years scrabbling about by trying to locate your keys, travel card, and phone. Check out the portion with the appropriate compartments and pockets.

If you’re the type of person that’s always on the phone or drinking coffee on the move, then the folio or weekender where the bag is hand-held might not be the right realistic choice for you. The messenger bag or back pack, in this situation, is far superior suitable for your everyday needs. Don’t ever let your bag be a struggle of love.

Choosing A Right Size Clutch Bag

If you’re the type of person who uses to travel light it mean that a leather folder or document box may be all you need and tucked underneath arm clutch bag is certainly good for business man. Apart from thinking big about a particular type, a clutch bag must also appear good while holding all the things that it needs to contain. If the clutch bag is stuffed at the seams, it might be time to change to a better model. Men ought to bear it in mind their tendencies when selecting the right dimension clutch. So also, if the clutch bag is too big, some men should not try to take more than they need, this makes their handbag unreasonably bulky. If a clutch is small, it may result into over-stuffing and it can either spoil a clutch or make the clutch bag look distracting.

Choose a Resourceful Clutch

To get the value for your money, it is advisable to pick a clutch that you can wear with numerous styles. You can also purchase diverse colors in an inexpensive way in order to ensure that goes with everything. An illustration is the Clare Vivier fold over clutch. This clutch is accessible in a significant number of varieties of colors, starting from glitzy gold to some eye catching prints and neutral cognac. This style is easy, a smooth bag with a zipper that folds up partly for effortless carrying, and this leaves it up to the color and print to make a statement that’s aligned with your outfit.

Choose a Valuable Material

Value is one of the ways to choose the right clutch bag for a man. A good construct clutch lasts than a poor one and ends up minimizing cost and saving money. If the clutch bag is for business and play, then a quality leather clutch is not only resourceful. It’s robust and can endure everyday usage. Another choice of picking a quality material is to get a suitable and classic crocodile style clutch, which also tends to be a well-built product. There are numerous other materials which are obtainable for those who have a budget to choose clutches for a little different outfit. This clutch bag is not all strong, but they can withstand mild use and look stylish.

Pick a Clutch Bag with Some Pockets

While some clutch bag does not hold a lot, if you want a better one, ensure that it has a few pockets to arrange your property. One of the most admired options is a clutch bag that has a cell phone pocket to make available, some additional room which is more than just enough room for your driver’s license and keys. Michael Kors brand also creates some extra-large clutch bags that have organizational pockets inside for mobile phones and credit cards.

Ensure to think about proportion. On man’s bag, the proportions regularly stick to a purpose or convention. If you have a thing that’s right for a letter-size paper, for instance, that bag is to some extent safe for you. On the other hand, you should have a second consideration concerning bag that’s slim and square.

Just because bags are often considered to be solely for women don’t mean that you as a man have to skip out on them in general. Duffels and messengers, for instance, will forever be the best choices for men. Once you perfect your selection skills for the right clutch bag, you’ll be able to select the most elegant pieces of a clutch bag without emasculating yourself.

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