How to Choose a Right Work Bag for Men

Bags are essential parts of everyday outfits today, especially for work. Files, documents, gadgets and personal computers need to be organized in one place for work every day. Bags have thus become work essentials, as they fulfill this organization need. The choice of a bag is usually influenced by many factors: style, cost, durability, bag and career type. With the different types of men bags, you may be at a loss for the type of bag that suits your career the most. The different types of men bags include the messenger bag, briefcase, tote bag, and backpack among others. The structure of these bags makes them for suitable for certain careers. You would agree with me that a banker’s bag will not be the same with an artist’s bag. The difference in the careers results in very different bag choices for the practitioners. While you are likely to find documents and files in a banker’s bag, an artist’s bag may contain a sketch pad and ideas for the next project. A college student’s bag will also hold very different things from an artist’s bag. This article will be highlighting the different types of men bags, stating their features and suitability for certain professions.

BRIEFCASE Briefcases are rectangular bags with short handles. These bags are the ideal choice for professionals like doctors, engineers, bankers, and lawyers. Briefcases are usually preferred by professionals who wear suits daily as they are traditionally the most suitable work bags for suits. A briefcase fits items like documents, files and reports perfectly so you can understand why they are the best choices for professionals mentioned above. Some briefcases also have separate compartments for pens, checks, and smaller notes and that enhances the organization of those items. A briefcase also has a “serious” element that comes with it. Nothing says “I am business-ready” like a briefcase. People also tend to take professionals more seriously when they show up with a briefcase at a meeting, even if it’s empty. Briefcases are the most loved type of bags in the corporate world and are used by a number of top executives. Briefcases are carried only with the short handles and are not meant for heavy items, unlike other work bags that can accommodate more luggage. With a briefcase, there is no alternative of a shoulder handle. This may be an uncomfortable situation if you need to use both your hands when in transit.

MESSENGER BAGS Messenger bags are shoulder bags which accommodate more items and built to serve multiple purposes. Messenger bags were originally made for postmen in the U.S. to carry mails around, although they have been upgraded since then. Style, elegance and ruggedness are associated with most messenger bags of the 21st century. Messenger bags are also made of durable material like canvas so they can handle daily stress. Messenger bags are ideal for the boardroom as well as for the studio, although they might not be the first choice for the former. Bag designers and manufacturers have, however, come up with classy leather messenger bags that suit the boardroom and certain professions more. A banker that commutes with trains might find these bag more suitable than briefcases. Messenger bags are also idea for professions where dress codes are not strict. They are also hands-free and suited for highly mobile individuals. This type of bag is also suitable for persons who need to bring a lot of stuff to work. The weight of the bag may tell on the shoulders though.

DUFFLE BAGS Duffle bags are bigger bags which can serve different purposes: you can use a duffel bag as work and travel bag. Duffel bags are also appropriate for guys who go to the gym from work or go from the gym to work. Duffle bags come in black and brown leather as well as other neutral colours. They are also made with other materials like canvass which make them durable. Duffel bags are great jack-of-all-trade bags, but they are not great fits for boardrooms.

BACKPACK Backpacks used to be synonymous with school until they made their way into the workplace. Backpacks are shoulder bags which are worn on both shoulders. They are ideal for persons who need to take a lot of stuff to work, as they are quite roomy. Backpacks are also common with creative’s and those in the tech industry. They are also available in stylish versions that include an element of style. Backpacks are known for their durability, and they are suited for highly mobile individuals. Backpacks come with short handles as well as the longer shoulder handles and are highly durable. A backpack as a work bag for some professions is a big no. They do not fit in very professional settings. Professionals in industries with more flexible dress codes may decide to go for a backpack. Not everyone can pull off a backpack though.

TOTE BAGS AND LAPTOP SLEEVES Tote bags are flat bags with short handles which are suitable for carrying items that do not fit into regular bags. Items like drawing and art supplies fit into tote bags perfectly. Tote bags are not common choices for everyday work bags though. Laptop sleeves are simple bags that hold laptops and other smaller gadgets. A laptop sleeve is an ideal choice for a professional that just needs something to keep his laptop or other gadgets in. Laptop sleeves save one the commitment of a bag while functioning as one. The overall choice of a bag is dependent on your daily needs, style, and comfort. Although your workbag type is dependent on your career, you can still find a bag that fit your career and personal style comfortably. A briefcase may be the first idea that comes to your mind when you think of a work bag. On a closer look, you will find other types of work bag that depict the professionalism of a briefcase and fit other aspects of your life like your mobility and daily work items.

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