How to Distinguish Between Handmade Leather and Workmanship Leather Goods

Handmade leather goods are described by most as being completely handmade from the cutting of the leather to the sewing and finally the finished product. The top full-grain leather is soft, supple and long-lasting, while its cousin suede contains none of the outer full-grain leather so it maintains a level of softness that full-grain leather cannot. While suede is beautiful and soft it is very susceptible to staining, so care must be taken to avoid stains, as it is not washable.

Handmade leather stitch (i.e. running Stitch)

In a leather work which is handmade leather stitched, instead of using two threads running equivalent to each other along opposite sides of the material, a single thread is used and passes on both sides of the material for the entire length of the stitch. Using a thread with needles attached at either end, the expertise person inserts one needle through a hole in the leather from one side, then passes the other needle through the same hole from the opposite side of the leather. Once both needles are done, they pull them taut and repeat the procedure on the next hole for the length of the stitch. The end result is one thread running back and forth for the entire length of the stitch in what is known as a “running stitch.”

Workmanship leather Stitch (i.e. machine sewed) 

A sewing machine uses two detachedreels of thread—one that feeds from the top over the sewing needle and one that feeds from beneath the presser foot known as the bobbin. When a piece of leather material is sewn with a machine, the needle pushes the top thread through the material, hooks it around the bobbin thread on the bottom then pulls the thread back out and continues the length of the stitch. The end result is one thread running along the top (i.e. the topstitch) and a separate thread running along the bottom (i.e. the bottom stitch) and these two threads “lock” round each other at the point where the needle perforates the material along the line of stitching. This is known as a “locking stitch.”

The difference in Construction between handmade leather and workmanship leather goods.

Technically speaking, the handmade leather stitch is stronger and more durable than one stitched using a machine. The reason being that since a locking stitch has two threads running the length of the material on opposite sides, if one thread were to snap at a single point, the whole thread could untangle along that side of the material thereby letting the material to separate. However, in a running stitch, should the thread snap at a single point, it could not easily unravel the length of the item since it’s passing on both sides of the leather.

The difference in Aesthetics between handmade leather and workmanship leather goods.

The Handmade leather stitch technique that we use is also known saddle stitch, which results in a neat line of slightly angled stitches when used with a particular set of tools. Decisions like stitches per inch, size and type of thread, and how we set the holes (e.g. French pricking iron, diamond chisel, thonging chisel) all play a role in the design of a piece.

The 3-Step Process for Handmade leather Stitching.

Achieving the suitableresult of a well-executed line of stitching requires a three-step procedure.

The first step is to mark a straight line parallel to the edge of the piece of leather using a tool known as a wing divider.

Next, we hammer holes through the leather using a pricking iron along the score line created within the wing divider.

Finally, we secure the leather pieces between a stitching clamps that we hold between our legs. By using an awl and thread with needles on any of the side we pass the needle through the leather following the holes we created with the pricking iron.

Reasons to Choose a Handmade Leather products

Handmade leather products (bags and purses)are in a league of their own. Among all the types of bags and other products, the leather handbag is the most popular and sought after. What makes these handbags so desirable is that they’re great to feel and great to look at. The buttery soft feel that comes with a leather material is unmatched, thus making leather handbags one of a kind.

The benefits handmade leather products

Wonder what makes these leather product (bags and purses) the choice for most women? Here is a look at the features of a leather handmade bag.

  1. Durable and flexible

The leather is an extremely durable and flexible material unaffected by everyday wear and tear which is what makes it the ideal material for handbags. Over time, it is known to become more flexible and soft. It is easy to clean and easy to keep up.

  1. Desirable

Durability is a very desirable trait in handbags. The fashion component of leather products is also a great feature. Leather products go extremely well with any kind of attire and clothing. The bags will last longer and stay in fashion throughout the life of the bag. If there’s anything we can learn from vintage leather products that they are always in the vogue. Leather bags and accessories never go out of style.

  1. Always in demand

Leather bags are in great demand, and women can choose from a variety of bags. The leather is preferred to regular handbags because they are luxurious and are made with better quality materials and workmanship. This trend of designer leather handbags has remained unchanged for a long time which goes to prove that they are impervious to the changes in fashion.

  1. Suitable for all seasons

These handbags are in fashion all through the year. This trait of leather being invulnerable to changes in fashion and wear and tear is what makes designer leather handbags so desirable. Although leather bags are mostly plain, they can be adorned with zippers, straps, buckles and other fashion details which increase the bag’s style and beauty.

  1. Choose from a wide variety of bags

Various brands produce a range of luxury handbags including satchels, messengers, duffel, totes, billfold and many other shapes and sizes. There are millions of leather designer bags available for women in the today. As a result of the popularity, there is great demand for the bag. The beauty and comfortable nature of the leather bags can also influence the overall appearance, personality, and confidence of the owner.

So, what else are you looking for? These features are what makes leather one of the most wanted products in the fashion handbag industry. If you are looking for a handbag that you will love, choose leather!

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