How to Identify Luxury Leather Products

Do you need a new luxury leather product? How do you identify leather luxury products and buy and why? Your choices include designer handbags, replicas of designer handbags, luxury leather handbags, and discount store handbags. Check these features before you spend your hard-earned money on a new handbag.

These are a lot of tips and idea to put into consideration when choosing or identifying a luxury leather product

Luxury leather handbags are recognizable by their distinctive design, craftsmanship and affordability. Begun in the years back by the use of fine leathers and centuries-old tanning techniques, making these handbags durable as well as fashionable. Luxury leather logo is embossed on each handbag, and features include adjustable shoulder straps, satin lining and plentiful pockets.

Examine the handbag for quality craftsmanship. Fine, soft leathers are used in luxury leather handbags, including some unique design and glove leather. Other fashion handbags may be constructed from hard, rigid leathers. The lining is made from colorful fabrics such as satin, which adds to the luxurious feel. Great and unique style are trademarks of these leather hand bags, with features of adjustable shoulder straps, two-tone leather design and metal-tone hardware. Functional pockets are also characteristic of Stone Mountain’s hobo, bucket and shoulder bags. These styles appear in the Vagabond, Reflections and Heritage Bucket Collection

Identify the logo. The luxury leather logo is attached on leather on each handbag. The fabric Marina collection features a coating with a repeating logo on glowingly colored cloth. Stone Mountain also produced a collection of signature-inspired handbags, with “S” and “M” appearing in repetition on the fabric exterior.

Look for multi-function interior pockets, a removable interior key ring and cell phone pockets, which luxury leather into its leather products. Back-slide pockets are available on the Triple Play Hobo style, and dual-front pockets can be found on the Two Step Tote.

Stitching. The stitching on a handbag is a pretty important detail for distinguishing a great handbag from a mediocre handbag. When dealing with leather handbags, it is important that you do not see double stitching along the contours of any leather handbags. The reason being, double-stitching can cause the leather to weaken; therefore, shortening the life of the handbag.

Hardware. The hardware on a handbag is usually constructed using metal. By simply analyzing the hardware on a handbag one can tell whether a handbag is of top quality or should be donated to your local Salvation Army. Top Designer Handbag companies have better machinery in their factories; therefore, their hardware molds are more frequently replaced or newly purchased. One may ask; how would I know if the handbag I just bought at Saks Fifth Avenue was constructed using an antique machine? Well, one way to tell is by looking at the clarity of the cuts in the hardware.   The edges of the metal buckles, the print on the metals, the engraving of the company’s logo are all basic indications of whether the company used newer machinery to produce the handbag.

Lining. The lining in many quality designer handbags consist of their company’s monogram print. You may check this by simply opening a handbag and looking at the fabric lining. Don’t get me wrong, some extremely expensive handbags are not lined with a monogrammed fabric. However, it is likely that if a handbag has a monogram print lining, it may be at least considered a decent handbag.

How to Spot a Fake Luxury products (Handbag)

With the variety of handbags available in the market, it is really a difficult task to distinguish the right quality of product is being offered to you and the handbags you have selected is one of the genuine one and not fake. Many times a number of retailers are caught selling fake handbags and sometimes attract penalty and fines and most of the times banned from selling of the brand.

If you have a plan to purchase a luxury handbag and want to know how to spot a fake handbag, you should first see the quality of the handbag very carefully. The material quality is one of the primary importance and a fake supplier or manufacturer will always use secondary material for manufacturing the handbag. It is therefore will give you an idea about fakeness of the product. Nowadays even fake handbags are available in good leather quality, however these can easily be distinguished from the original handbags.

Stitching and finishing quality is also poor in fake handbags and you can easily distinguish this parameter from the standard handbags. You must look for stitching inside the bag or inside the pockets and you can easily look for any fault, if it is a fake handbag. These stitching differences may not be visible from outside and should therefore be carefully looked for. In addition to the stitching, you should also look for labels on the handbags. It is the label only, where you can identify the difference as well as spelling mistakes, logo change or logo design misspell. The label should be carefully studied and the position of the logo should also be checked. In fake handbags, these label quality is made poor and the attachment of the labels to the handbag also show poor in stitching.

Original branded handbags comes with attractive packing and the fake manufacturer or suppliers are not able to match these packaging attractive and therefore can easily be identified as fake handbags. With all these simple steps keeping in mind we can take a decision about the fakeness of the handbags and can save a lot of money.

In conclusion

Doing your research is the key and a fast method when looking to buy luxury leather products. Researching the bag you really want will give you the ability to train your eye to spot the difference between a fake and a genuine product. Visit luxury designer stores and familiarize yourself with the design of the bag, taking special note of labels, fastenings, and fabric linings. The simplest of things, such as how the label is stitched to the inside of the handbag is often a good indication of whether what you’re dealing with is the real deal, or no deal.

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