Make Your Wallet With Exquisite Stitching

Nothing will give you more happiness except the things that you have made with your own hands. Purchasing expensive things from your own earned dollars sometimes makes you frustrated and no doubt, it is a source of pride for making something with your own hands. In this article, we will discuss in detail the art of having exquisite stitching for homemade leather wallet.
Throughout the daily life, the wallet is the thing that men use most. Branded wallet is one expensive thing that looks great when you buy, but after few months, it started to look rough. Therefore, this article is helpful for the people who wants to make their own pretty wallet at home.
The following guidelines will help you to make your own wallet with exquisite stitching for homemade leather wallet. A well-engineered design is the first thing that you need to make a good wallet. The given image will provide you the information about the design and the dimensions of a wallet. This wallet is made from 4 pieces of leather that is stitched in to the form of a bi-fold wallet with 7 pockets that can be used for cards and bills.

Let me tell you about the material that you required for making this wallet. Leather is the material that you should use for makig this wallet. Two-square feet of leather material is required for the making of this product. As leather thicknes is usually measured in ounces so you can use leather that is 2 oz in thickness. You can adjust the it accoridng to your requirement for example you can use leather of 3 oz thickness if you want a thick bulk wallet and you can also use leather with 1 oz thickness if you want your wallet to be thin and smart. You can use any type of leather you want but it is recommended to use a leather with the rigid texture in order to make a firm wallet from it.
Color & Thread
Color of the thread is the next step that you choose after selecting the leather type. Carefully select the color that should compliment with the color of yout leather. If you are confused about color then you can take suggestions from your loved ones. For stitching you must use a thread which is not larger than TEX270 and smaller than TEX138.
Let us have a list of the tools that you must have for the stitching of your wallet;
• Straight ruler
• Scissors
• Razor / blade
• Awl
• Pushpins 2
• Stitching needles-ball point form
Now that you have everything that you need to make your own wallet, let’s start with stitching. First thing you need is to print the design of your choice on a paper. Now take a ball point and trace this pattern on the sheet of leather.
Cut out the pieces of leather carefully. In order to cut leather with clean and flat edges use a ruler and a rotary blade. After carefully cutting the leather design, puch the stitching holes into the leather. You can place the holes evenly with paper with the help of awl and you can tack the paper pattern to leather with the help of push pins. Make sure that holes should be big enough so that thread can easily pass through leather.

Now it’s time to assessble all the parts together. The top layer is C and the smaller layer A and B should be layered upon C and then it goes above the D. Firstly you have to fold the leather to check weathet the holes are lining up or not. Make a neat crease as it will help to easily sticth your wallet. The above image also shows the starting and the end point showing the points from where stitching should be started and where to be ended. You must be aware of many types of the hand stitiching but here you are required to use hand saddle stitching. Let me tell you something about hand saddle stitching which involves use of one thread with two needles, one needle at each end of the thread. Align the holes together and bind two pieces together, now weaved the needle throigh each hole that is aligned.

You need two feet of thread to start. At point B pass the needle through first hole. While pulling make sure there must be eqaul amount of thread on both sidees of the leather. Take one needle from each side and pull through the next hole and secind needle should be pulled through the second hole on the opposite side of leather. Hold the needles firmly, pull and make sure that the stitch is tight and good. After you have complete this side of sticthing and reached the end, you have to pull both the needles from the same side and weave the threads. Goes through the path shown in colored lines complete the stitching. Weave the needles between B and C to end the blue path. At every point make sure that the stithing is neat, good and tight. Tie the knots of the thread at the end point. Followig the same tehcnqiue stitch Piees A to D and C also. The end points of the stitching points will help you to fold the part D of the wallet. At the corner points, pull the thread through the middle and tie three knots. Cut the thread and at the corner fold tuck the thread and your Wallet is DONE.

Now you will have a stylish and a smart wallet that is all made by you. You will hold it with pride and everyitme you hold this wallet you will remember the tehniques you have learnt while making this wallet. It’s a fact that building something with your hand that is imporatnt for you will helps to make a craftmanship statement. By following the simple steps you can have easy to made leather wallet at home.

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