Practice Sharing of Custom Handmade Leather 

At present, a wide range of leather goods are generally developed and produced for mass consumption. However, with the rapid development of Chinese society, the existing leather products can no longer meet the individual needs of some people, so the leather custom market has also been in operation in recent years. Born, the leather custom studios around the world have gradually increased.

The essence of leather custom: In fact, it is to meet the individual needs of the guests, design and produce a diy bag that the customer is satisfied with. After several years of actual market operation, I gradually realized that leather customization still needs a lot of rules and regulations to limit the scope of diy customization. In the actual operation process, if every point is done according to the customer’s intention, the customer may not know what the result is. I can say that the last bag is made, the guest is not necessarily very Like, everyone knows what is going on? So this is why I have been customizing leather goods for a long period of time. I have been thinking about how to achieve a win-win situation with my customers. So far, I have made several classifications and summaries. Now I think it is very important 5 points. Experience, share with you as follows:

The first point: the budget price determines the content. I put this point on the first point. This is after I have worked through a lot of cooperation. I think it must be implemented in this way. Some customer friends said to me: Old Li Feidao, help me the whole bag, how much? In fact, I really don’t know how to answer such questions. Really. As the saying goes: seven-point master, three-point craftsman. Really, I have to see what you think, you plan to spend 100 yuan, small bags can also be reluctant to try, big bags, I really can’t help you all, you plan to use 2000–3000 yuan Diy custom, I am absolutely 100% with the real thing of the top layer to give back to your real money, in my heart, will never let you down! In many cases, the guest’s budget may be a few hundred dollars, but the leather, style, craftsmanship, logo mark, etc. that are required to be produced will continue to increase in communication until you are unable to operate. So, if there is a customer who needs a customized service, I will first tell the guest the first price: the price starting from 1000 yuan. If you can accept it, let’s talk about the next step, otherwise you can buy our existing styles. Bag it. It is highly recommended not to wait until you talk to the guests about the various styles of design, leather selection, craftsmanship and so on. Finally, you tell the guests that when you need a price of 2,000 yuan, the guests say that I think that as long as 300–500 yuan Ah, this time I think you will run away in all likelihood.

The second point: set the style to determine success or failure. For most customers, style is definitely the first thing for them! We often hear some guests say: This style is good, the style is good, especially when you see some big-name bags, they are even more talked about… After a lot of facts, my experience is : Choose the style and practice of big-name bags as much as possible, but please don’t copy them completely. In the current social context, the customer’s recognition of the big name is still more serious, and the partial modification of diy will benefit your trading volume. I used to spend a lot of time, and I also invited some domestic designers to try to make their own original design. Now I found out that this is a C, not full of financial strength, excellent design team and first-class marketing team. Several designers, original design is still difficult to open a new world. Of course, this is within my current ability. There are also some excellent brands in China that are still doing “very good”. Some of the up-and-coming brands in China also have excellent performance in the market segments.

The third point: choose the leather material hardware zipper and the production process. This must be communicated with the customer in advance, not to talk about this, the rest are novice, this is the first point. I usually divide leather materials into three categories: the first one is rare animal skin, such as crocodile skin, ostrich skin, python skin, etc. The second top layer leather, including hand-carved tree skin, top layer cowhide, Inner sheepskin and so on. The third category is nylon materials, such as 1680D, 600D, 420D, etc. These are mainly sports backpacks and large pockets. Because it is diy custom, the hardware of course, as far as possible, choose high-grade, such as zinc alloy, pure steel pure copper. Zippers are generally YKK’s. Of course, the accessories for different materials are also different. If you use crocodile skin or top layer cowhide material, of course, the hardware should also be equipped. Nylon material 1680D can only be equipped with nylon zipper

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