According to the American Orthopaedic Association, people often get the wrong shoe size. As it’s very painful and uncomfortable. Even light pressure in the foot can prevent normal blood flow and cause foot deformity. This proves that your shoes are too small.

We aim at allowing men with large feet to find shoes that suit their comfort and personality. These shoes are comfortable and healthy, help add stability and hold the instep well for support. In addition, some customers suffering from foot problems such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet have reported that these shoes have helped them.

The carefully designed aspects of our shoes, combined with offering extended sizes from size 4.5(US), 4(UK), 35(EU),8.86″ and 22.5CM to 13.5(US), 13(UK),48(EU),11.88″ and 30.2CM allow us to offer the best product on the market. We suggest you choose size according to the foot length and foot width.So you can be bold and choose our product.


It's like having your own built-in pair of flippers! If you're a runner, it's been shown that you're better able to sprint if you have larger feet. It has to do with the size of your toes. Prominent feet may also support better balance, especially on uneven terrain.

Please also keep in mind that each shoe brand fits differently and therefore your size may be different by brand and even be different by style within the same brand.

If you are unsure of your shoe size, measure your feet to find your size. Please also keep in mind that each shoe brand fits differently and therefore your size may be different by brand and even be different by style within the same brand. Please refer to the fit guide and reviews on products for additional information.

  • Shoes Length Size

It is particularly important to measure the length of your feet. Knowing how long your foot is, in centimetres, you can easily find the manufacturer's size chart, which will make it easier for you to order the correct size shoe.

1.Wearing a sock of medium thickness, stand on a piece of paper.

2.Place a mark at the end of your heel and at the tip of your longest toe.

3.Mark the sides of your foot at the widest part.

4.Measure both feet and generally go for the larger of the two sizes. However, this is not necessary in our handmade shoes as we are happy to provide you with two different sizes.

To find your size, use these measurements and refer to the sizing chart below.If your measurement is between two sizes, please go up to the larger size.

Our company's plus size shoes can be custom made in two different sizes. If you have two feet that are significantly different, please email us.

  • Shoe Width Size 

The wide shoe is the variation of the regular size shoe, where the general length is equal, but the forefoot and toe box widths are especially increased to fit wider feet. As some of you might know, people having wider feet typically have the same heel width but larger toes and forefoot. Therefore, wide width shoes tend to offer a greater depth as wide feet are often taller too.

But in general, there are two common methods of shoe width measurements, including using word-based and letter sizing systems. Letters often go in with sizes, and the chart below indicates the most popular sizing conventions.

Width Letters: Women’s Shoe Width & Men’s Shoe Width

4A: Extra Narrow & –

2A or A: Narrow & Extra Narrow

B: Normal/Medium/Standard & Narrow

D: Wide & Normal/Medium/Standard

E or 2E: Extra Wide & Wide

4E+: – & Extra Wide

When you wear a pair of shoes with a standard width but feel too snug in the upper area, you might need a pair of wide shoes. In other words, this case requires you to wear E or 2E-wide shoes. However, if you feel like your foot is spilling over the medium-width shoes, chances are you will need extra-wide shoes or 4E shoes.

As previously mentioned, a pair of men's shoes with a normal D width is considered wide in women's shoes, while any shoe marked with an E is considered extra wide. In the men's shoe department, wide shoes usually start with the letter E and any width greater than 2E is considered extra wide.

Currently, the plus size shoes offered by our company fall into the medium width category.



To be honest, finding shoes as a big guy can be difficult, especially when you want something other than sandals, loafers, or velcro athletic shoes. Here we would like to tell big guys how to find the best pair of shoes for you that will both look awesome and stand the test of time.

We found two real reasons that fat guys cannot keep their feet in shoes:inferior shoe quality and improper fit.

According to the research of Harvard universitiy in 2022, On average, one out of every three adults is obese, which is about 36% of the population in U.S.A. Obesity doesn’t just affect people in the U.S. People in many countries experience obesity, and it’s becoming a global epidemic.A BMI of 30 or higher often indicates obesity. So it’s no surprise big guys that they wear shoes out roughly  faster than average guy.

They need sturdy shoes, instead of affordable shoes which are made of poor quality leather and held together mostly by inferior glue.

  • So we advise that as far as possible, choose the process of internal stitching, quality materials so that you can say goodbye to shoes that do not last more than a few days. Maybe these shoes are really cheap, but they cost you a lot of energy, resulting in you having to constantly worry about whether the shoes will last until a certain day. Just on the occasion you did not expect, they make a joke with you.
  • Pay attention to your feet' width.If you are a bigger guy, odds are that you also have wide (or extra wide) feet. Most guys who struggle to find shoes that are actually comfortable end up settling for a typical “wide width” shoe from a generic supplier, never realizing that shoe widths vary wildly from maker to maker – and that choosing the wrong width is bad for both your feet and your shoes. If a shoe is too narrow, you stress all the seams in the shoe, which typically ends up causing either a seam to come unstitched or the sole to come off of the upper. Not only that, but the shoe/sole that is too narrow for your foot can cause you to have an uneven gait and wear through heels extremely quickly.

Luckily, almost all of this is corrected with the proper fit.



The elderly, the obese, and the bigfooted ...... look at these special groups and find that they endure life troubles beyond imagination, as the market is not sufficiently segmented and fine-tuned, resulting in the differentiation of the needs of these special groups not being taken seriously and not getting good solutions.

However, with the awakening of consumer self-awareness and the maturity of the market, the pain points and needs of these special users are gradually being explored. A number of brands have now started to focus on segmentation needs research, including the pain points within big feet are finally being taken seriously, and some brands specialising in plus size shoes have appeared on the market, solving the backlog of years of shoe wear for people with big feet.

The plus-size industry has been a strong performer in the segmentation of special people. Some data shows that around the "plus size people" supplies have formed a characteristic market of more than ten billion dollars, and at an annual rate of 20% steady growth, there are many international brands are also to "plus size economy" into. The global plus-size market was worth an estimated USD 152.8B in 2020 and is expected to garner a market value of over USD 264.4B in 2027. 

As the economy develops and the status of women continues to rise, it is a good choice to target women with strong spending power.Many international brands are also making inroads into the "plus size economy", where plus size women's shoes have become a super new incremental category in the plus size industry, expanding rapidly at an alarming rate and impacting the traditional women's shoe industry.

However, there are very few brands that specifically target men with big feet, which means there is slightly less competition. After research, the major brands that can offer plus size men's shoes have small production volumes often out of stock and old stereotypical styles, making it difficult to meet the immediate needs and aesthetic demands of consumers.



Currently plus size shoes are not common in the market, and the larger the size, the more scarce the choice. Here, we have done a survey and sorted out the plus size shoes on the market for your reference.

1.Sports shoes.

Many well-known brands have some shoe sizes up to 15-20, and the width can be selected as needed. Most of them are sandals, slippers, loafers, and regular style sneakers, and you can even choose the higher priced free color matching sneakers.(priced at about $150)


There are many brands on the market that are known for their leather boots, with leather-based uppers, and sizes up to size 16. Work boots, hiking outdoor boots, cowboy boots, are all their famous products, and are highly sought after by many young people. Although each has its own characteristics, but a single category. (priced around $200)

3.Leather shoes.

As the largest sales volume of shoe types, many leather shoe manufacturers take into account the needs of large size people, and opened up a lot of large size shoe lasts, these shoes are classic in style, favoring business style, there are Loafers, Derby shoes, Oxford shoes, Monk shoes and other sizes up to 18 yards (priced at about $150)

4.Handmade shoes.

If you love a certain style of handmade leather shoes and need to customize the size, you can go to a shoe workshop in Paris or Milan, they will make special lasts for any foot shape and any size, but the price will be relatively expensive. (over $1000)

Although there are so many brands, I understand that finding them one by one is a hassle. Fortunately, there are many websites on the Internet that cater to plus-size men. If your feet are over size 14, don't worry, you can just search for "big and tall shoes" and you'll find these sites. There is a collection of plus-size shoes from all major brands. Most of them are dark black and gray and everyday style shoes. It is not difficult to find these sites as a middleman, by gathering a large number of brands, selling shoes, to get profit. But inevitably, out of the pursuit of profit and efficiency, these branded shoemakers are not able to focus on developing products for plus-size customers and perfecting their supply. So when you find that your favorite style is often out of stock. I'm sorry to tell you that's normal.



1.Our shoes are bespoke styles and there are many styles that can be made from 4.5-13.5. So if you have a large difference in size between your two feet, you can contact us as we can offer you two different sizes of shoes specifically for you.

2. We have more styles for you to choose from, so you don't have to live with having to wear the same ordinary shoes or even flip-flops as everyone else from now on.

3. We show full respect for inspiration, as our shoes support private customization.

4. When you want to buy a certain style and find that your size is sold out, perhaps the shop will tell you that they are sorry, but that size is sold out. But we don't do that. We will say, please give me some time and we will make it just for you. So be bold and choose!



1.Customizing personal shoe lasts for each guest needs a large cost, and we are weak in this term for now.

2.As of now, we can expand our sizes up to 13.5 US sizes and are unable to offer services to customers with larger sizes for the time being.

3.Our selling price is on the high side as these products are specifically tailored with very good materials to achieve a comfortable fit for the customer's feet.



  • Production Location

We are a shoe manufacturer located in the Pearl River Delta, China. Our footwear manufacturing chain is adjacent to the world's largest footwear production base - Dongguan, so we can have an advantage in all materials, accessories, machinery, and workers' skills.

There are more than 3,000 shoe material and shoe machine production enterprises all over Guangdong, and according to incomplete statistics, the footwear industry and related industries in the province employ more than 2 million people.

Guangdong does not only develop the shoe industry, but also the related industries such as shoe materials, shoe machines, leather, and hardware, etc. The shoe materials and machines are complementary, ranging from fabrics, soles, heels, lasts, and glues to shoe surface treatment, accessories such as hardware and buckles to special materials. A wide range of shoemaking machinery, accessories, and technical services are also available. So here we can get the best quality materials at a great price.

After more than 20 years of development, high-end talents from all over the world have flocked to Pearl River Delta for shoe-making. According to incomplete statistics, the Pearl River Delta currently has 2 million manufacturing workers, with a concentration of nearly 100,000 skilled shoemakers from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Brazil, and other regions and countries. In recent years, about 5,000 designers, pattern makers and other shoe-making professionals from traditional shoe-making powerhouses such as Italy, Spain and France have converged on Pearl River Delta, making it the most important distribution center for shoe-making professionals in the world! In addition, Pearl River Delta has gathered more than 1,500 footwear buyers and traders from around the world, including the world's largest trading companies such as Levi's and Paramount, the world's largest buyers such as Wal-Mart, etc.

  • Operation and Production

Flexibility Unlike a large enterprise production company, the large company may require a larger MOQ, and many of the customer’s requirements cannot be flexibly implemented, but our company represents the unique advantage of small and medium-sized companies. If you want ODM processing, your one-time starting quantity does not want to be too big, or you just want to try the production quality and reduce the quantity for the first time, we will be happy to achieve the requirements for you until you are satisfied.

  • Process of ODM Customization

Determining styles - Confirming sizes - Determining templates, industrial models - Pushing blocks - Typesetting - Accessories - Cutting of upper materials - Installing soles - Shaping - Processing - Finished product inspection - Confirmation - Packaging - Shipping.

  • Quality Inspection

Our quality inspection type is self-inspection, of course, there are quality control departments to check. In this inspection process, there are three inspections: raw material inspection, production process inspection, and finished product inspection. The proportion of raw material inspection is 100% full inspection, and the inspection method is desktop inspection.

In the production process of products, we will also carry out 100% full inspection on the products completed in the production process, and the unqualified products will be directly scrapped. The last test procedure is the full inspection of the finished product. The inspection standard of the finished product is based on the experience of the actor.

  • Extensive experience

We have been engaged in cross-border e-commerce trading activities for several years, and the annual sales and turnover are very considerable, which shows that our product is attractive to the market. Especially after the development of Internet foreign trade sales channels, our order volume has been endless, and we accept retail. Most of them are looking for our ODM customers. They have expressed their design requirements. We come to produce and process. Finally, a series of processes such as logistics and transportation has now formed a complete foreign trade sales system, so there is no need to worry about working with us on some trade issues.

If you are interested in our company, please contact us!