The Advantages and Disadvantages of Leather Bags and Sheepskin Bags

Bags are usually an essential accessory for both men and women. Quality bags tells more about the personality and fashion taste of an individual. While a lot of people tend to go for bag products based on the fashion trend, bags also come in types depending on the material used in producing it. Two common types of the bag are the Leather bag and the Sheepskin bag. We are going to look at what is meant by leather bags or sheepskin bags. Also, this article is going to show you the advantages and disadvantage attached to both of these bags. This should guide you in making a choice on which of the type of bag you think is best for you.


Just as the name implies, a leather bag is a type of bag made from dried or processed animal skins. These leather skin may be gotten from the skin of goat, cow, buffalo, and pig. Although leather skin has several types such as Nappa leather, hide leather, nubuck, suede, and so on. Most bag producing companies today produce more of leather bags than any other type of bags. With some of these leather bags sold for as high as $10k for one, the question is, what is the advantages and disadvantages of Leather bags?


  • Durability: Leather bags are durable and can last up to 5 years because of the quality of materials This is one of the many reasons why leather bags are costlier.
  • Lasting Quality: Leather bags aside being durable, they retain their quality. If properly maintained, the material hardly wears off, unlike synthetic leather bags.
  • Trendy: One significant fact about leather bags is that it never goes out of style. Leather bags can still look fashionable and stylish even after an extended period of time. Leather bags are also usually available in quite a lot of trendy
  • Flexible: Leather bags are highly flexible because of the nature of the material. Cases of bags wearing or tearing because of carrying heavy items with it does not occur with leather bags. One good thing about leather bags is the fact that it becomes softer the more you put it to use making it easy to accommodate more items.


  • Cost: Leather bags tend to cost a lot even though they offer quite some benefits. To get a solid leather bags will cost you nothing less than $600. This makes it difficult for the average person to afford.
  • Limited Colors and Patterns: Leather bags tend to be limited in colors and design patterns unlike other types of bag. Most people buy leather bags because of the quality of their textures. The colors of leather bags are usually thicker and also the pattern quite simple.
  • Temperature: Leather bags are easily affected by a change in temperature.


Sheepskin, as the name implies, is a type of bag made from the skin/hide of sheep or lambskin. One of the major quality of this kind of bag is seen in their texture which is always smooth and softer than the usual leather bags. Sheepskin bags comes with a lot of advantages and also disadvantages. Some of them are;


  • Resistance to dirt: Sheepskin bags are not affected by dirt, bugs, and mold. This is because one of the properties of sheepskin is its wicking feature which creates an unfavorable environment for these bacteria to grow.
  • It is not affected by changes in Temperature: Since sheepskin contains a natural temperature regulator as one of its properties, sheepskin bags are not easily affected by harsh weather conditions. Also, sheepskin helps in moisture control which makes the texture of your bag cooler and newer.
  • Quality: Sheepskin bags tend to portray real quality both because of their texture and the also the quality of materials used in their production. People tend to buy sheepskin bags because of the soft texture and also the crisp appearance they usually possess.


  • Porous: Sheepskin bags can easily be penetrated. Water and other objects can easily go through it.
  • Cost: Sheepskin bags are quite expensive because of the cost of sheep hide. Although it has quality, this quality comes at a high price in comparison with other types of bags.
  • Repairs: Due to the difficulty in getting sheepskin bag materials, the cost of repairing a damaged sheepskin bag is usually high. Most times, fixing a sheepskin bag could go as high as $400 which is quite outrageous.
  • Wear off quickly: Most sheepskin bags are usually not durable. Since they can quickly wear off within years of use. The wool most times start to pull off within a few years of use.

Does Sheepskin bag easily get broken?

While Sheepskin bags may be good at moisture control and possess beautiful and soft texture, it sure can easily get broken. This is due to its porous nature which can easily make it break. While leather bags may last for over 5-10 years if used carefully, Sheepskin bags usually do not last for more than 2 years even with proper care. Most times, when these Sheepskin bags stretch, they begin to have holes which over time expands and finally damages the bag. To prevent Sheepskin bags from breaking, it is advisable to take it for maintenance and also keep it in a warm area when the temperature is highly humid, or there is a lot of moisture.

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