The Origin and Development of Light Luxury Bags

The most well-known light luxury bags are: Michael Kors (MK), Tory Burch, Furla, Coach, THEFOXSAY (TF), Kate Spade (Kate Spade), Rebecca minkoff, Longchamp, coccinelle (Cecchin), Issey Miyake (Issey Miyake), KENZO (Kaizhuo), viviennewestwood (Western Empress), MCM and EUCE brands Although these brands are different, but the customer group overlap is still very high.

The oldest founder was Furla, born in Italy in 1927. Longchamp was also an elder and was born in France in 1948. Followed by COACH, founded in 1941. Then there are MCM in 1976, Michael Kors in 1981, Kate Spade in 1991, THEFOXSAY in 1997, Rebecca minkoff in 2001, Tory Burch in 2004. If you have a “blood” complex, Furla and Longchamp can be traced back to World War II. Brands created in the centennial  fashion capital  are much higher.

Although many brands are striving to show the status of “the status can be compared with Prada.”, no one will be stupid enough to think that they can really squeeze into the first floor in the top shopping mall. Compared with other luxury brands, they are indeed a long history and profound.

MCM, born in Munich, Germany, is somewhat different. In European countries, Germany is never the protagonist in the fashion circle. German handbags, the main thing may be durable.

COACH brand is similar to European brands and has experienced similar workshops. Other American and Italian luxury brands are similar to “designer brands”. After the designer creates the brand, the energy is mainly in design, Less attention to craftsmanship and production.

 1.Origin and workmanship

Where are the different brands of handbags produced? There are not many outsiders who can know, and only some listed brands will be relatively transparent. European brands born in the early part of the last century usually start with workshops. Europeans pay more attention to and pride in tradition, European brands were originally produced locally, and many still are produced in Europe.

But even big brands like Prada are trying to find lower-cost producers in the process of globalization. They put production in Eastern Asia and Mauritius, as well as Hong Kong and other Asian regions. Later, China became the largest handbag OEM base, and now it is slowly moving to Southeast Asia.

Many European and American brands will produce some, but not all of them in China. For example, Furla, THEFOXSAY, MCM and Longchamp have all appeared in factories in China.

European brands are relatively less produced in China, while a large proportion of American brands such as Coach, Michael Kors, Tory Burch and Kate Spade, and Rebecca minkoff are produced in China and Korea. However, this does not mean that Chinese manufacturing is worse than European manufacturing. Coach also frankly said at a few years ago that China’s cost is too high to transfer production to Southeast Asia.

France and Italy are expensive, and factories have to save labor in quality inspections. Chinese factories actually have the ability to do better than European manufacturing. The quality level in the production process depends mainly on the attitude of the brand. The price of the brand is very low for the foundry, and the management of the foundry is not meticulous, which will bring about a decline in the quality level, which is not necessarily related to where the production is.

Some brands usually send design drafts from the headquarters. If the foundry replies that such design machines are difficult to process, the designers will quickly modify them. If the brand is such an attitude, it is such a large-scale production of machinery, the quality of the handbags will not be too good, it is a luxury, it is barely.

Furla has always used Made in Italy as a selling point, but it doesn’t make much sense. Some savvy foundry owners in Guangdong went to Italy early, opened factories in the birthplace of the brand, and hired familiar Chinese workers. It can only be said that the production of this brand is relatively low, and the foundry may not be as stressed as it is, and it is finer. In short, where to produce, can only be used as a reference information, and more worthy of attention is other factors. If you care about the work of handbags, and you are not very professional, then feel that this handbag is very large, many people are back, there are new styles? Is the price much cheaper than similar brands?

Based on this, I will eliminate Michael Kors and Kate Spade. The frequency of Michael Kors appearing in the crowd is too high. It is possible to hit the shirt at any time and there are too many fakes on the market, even if you spend thousands of pieces in the store. It is a fake. Kate Spade, according to many people, is not durable and is now acquired by Coach.


Although canvas and nylon are also included in the fashion. However, the most representative of the brand level is the leather handbag, which leather is the best? The source of cowhide is a cow, a complete cowhide, the leather in the center of the back is the most compact, the best, and the skin on the cow’s belly is loose and can’t even be used as a handbag. Cowhide is usually classified into Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C by quality. It is rumored that Hermes and LV only use Class A leather. Hermès even uses only one of the best back skins in the center of leather. The rest is discarded.

After the cowhide is taken down, there are many complicated and highly polluting post-processing processes, which are very knowledgeable. The highest level of leather factory in the industry is in Italy. Some factories have a history of more than half a century. There are a lot of exclusive technologies, and they have a very long and very close relationship with top luxury brands. In view of this, we can consider both Furla and THEFOXSAY. Italian brands. Of course, light luxury leather goods will not cost so much on the leather. Many of the light luxury handbags produced in China are made from American cattle. They are made into skin embryos and shipped to China for processing, and then they are imported into the factory. This kind of leather is not top, but it is also good. There are also some leather products produced by cattle from Thailand and Pakistan, and the quality is worse.

A piece of leather is only a bag, and most people will be very distressed. Perhaps the top brands need this, only in this way can reflect their preciousness. In other words, the proportion of scrapped leather also reflects the quality of the brand’s bags. However, different product lines and series under the same brand have different requirements for leather. For example, Coach’s high-end Madison series is better than the Poppy series. It’s hard to tell if the leather is good or bad. If you want to pick the best among the luxury brands, Furla thefoxsay or Coach, Longchamp’s high-end product line will be better. In addition to leather, sewing threads and embroidery threads are also important. It is said that the THEFOXSAY high-end series uses the same Coats line as LV and Hermes (the Coats line is not only expensive but also not readily available)

3.Design and style

Each brand has its own style. There is no absolute good or bad on this point. It depends mainly on personal preference and suitability. Longchamp is a relatively strong French style, elegant and simple, slightly lighter colors, prefer classic design, not the kind that catches up with the trend. The classic dumplings are made in some strong colors. Furla, as an Italian brand, is naturally rich. Furla’s explosion of “Jelly Pack”, the name is the girl’s feelings. But many people say it is not good looking and not leather. The price of a flower leather bag to buy a pvc package is really not worth it!

Coach used to like exaggerated LOGO and letters, and has been practicing fashion in the last couple of years. There have been a lot of handbags that have faded LOGO and more elegant colors. Updates are fast, and the catch is tight. Paying attention to functionality will make it easier for you to load things, bring computers, and bring files. THEFOXSAY has always advocated a simple and free lifestyle and attitude; and hopes to return to the essence of the product through simple and practical design, so that it can be better integrated into life! Therefore, some people say: THEFOXSAY is not only a bag with items and clothing, but also Young people in a fast-paced lifestyle pursue a simple, relaxed and free lifestyle. Whether you want to go to the ball or go on a walk, THEFOXSAY will never make you feel incompatible with the field you are in. Like the brand’s slogan “Maybe you have all kinds of clothes in your wardrobe all year round, but as long as a THEFOXSAY bag is enough!”

Michael Kors’s slogan is Jet Set, which is to facilitate you to fly around the world to travel, so you can take care of formal and casual, not too tired to wear. Of course, Jet Set also refers to a certain living class, income level, where to go anywhere in the world, without spending a lot of time in advance. However, Michael Kors is really “learning” too much, LV, Valentino, Prada and even Dior have Michael Kors’ “twin brothers.” The funny thing is that in China, Michael Kors himself has been stunned by unidentified manufacturers. The Coach of the great LOGO era was also suffering from the cottage. This has caused some mature customers to think that they have a handbag, but they are immediately reminiscent of the cottage, not so good?

REBECCA MINKOFF is also a brand that has only been in China in recent years, and it has been a bit out of breath abroad. At the beginning of the brand’s establishment, its design was very distinctive, with signature tassel zippers and metal hooks. RM is mainly fired in China because it has been given the concept of “small people” and “stars with the same paragraph”. Besides, MCM, the rivet backpack is very famous, and there is no special design. As for the other people, everyone likes it. The designs of Kate Spade and Tory Burch are beautiful, the former is more youthful and the latter is more elegant and dignified. Among these brands, if I only look at the design, I probably still like THEFOXSAY Kate Spade and Longchamp.

4.The Boss

Fashion magazines rarely talk about the boss behind the brand. However, isn’t this person really determining the fate of the brand? Please note that this refers to the owner of the brand, not the CEO or the president. For example, Michael Kors, the designer of MK, now has only a few shares in the company, but it is not the owner. The three brands Coach, Michael Kors and Kate Spade are on the market, and they can be said to have thousands of bosses. Every quarter, they have to announce how much money they have earned in this quarter, although not every boss has to nod, but the performance is not good enough to explain. Therefore, these brands are preoccupied with care. They try to control costs and promote sales. All of them are based on economic interests and will not waste energy on their feelings. They will never take too risky, deviant designs, and will not find special good materials at any cost. However, this also means that under various supervisions, you will not lose too much money to buy these packages.

And Furla, THEFOXSAY, MCM, Longchamp, which are not listed, the boss is the top leader of the brand, exercising all decisions on the brand. This means that you can participate in more and more ideas and longer-term plans in the development of the brand! THEFOXSAY is now a real boss. It is a Chinese businessman. When it comes to why it wants to buy THEFOXSAY, the boss said: China has not yet had a decent luxury bag brand or even a luxury brand as a luxury. It is shameful that the consumer powers do not have their own brands. Therefore, they have decisively bought THEFOXSAY, which is known for its simple and practical workmanship. It hopes to make THEFOXSAY a civilian luxury that conforms to the oriental aesthetic, high quality, simple and practical, and affordable for the public. Brand.

Another example is the owner of MCM, who also acquired the Korean women entrepreneur Jin Shengzhu who owns the brand. This is a very far-sighted and powerful Asian woman. She was born before the economic boom in Korea. She dared to break the family bondage and succeed in business. It is not a leisurely generation. She is good at marketing, and she is not worried about being laughed at. In the face of reporters, MCM used to be a brand similar to LV. MCM opens a store and always finds the best location at any cost. So MCM’s boss attitude is to hope that the brand will continue to climb in the class.

If you don’t go public, you have more opportunities to make long-term decisions, and you don’t have to explain sales every quarter. Of course, it cannot be said that brands that are not listed must be better than those listed. A powerful soul character who regards the brand as a child may be more effective than an advanced corporate system. This person really wants to make the brand good or even pass it on to the next generation. After adding one, the position of the handbags in these nine brands is different. Michael Kors and Kate Spade both do a lot of fashion, watches and jewelry at the same time, while Coach, THEFOXSAY and Furla start with handbags, and their attention has been concentrated on handbags. on.

The meaning of luxury is that you can enjoy luxury goods with half or one-third of the price, and feel psychologically satisfied. If you spend less than 15,000 on a buy package a year and can’t touch the real luxury big name, the luxury brand can make you happy and beautiful, but if you have enough strength to buy a better brand, then smart You must know the truth of a penny.

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