What to Do if Your Luxury Leather Bag is Bitten by Pets

Will you ditch your $5000 designer leather bag because of a dog bite/teeth mark? I guess that is a big question for us all. Leather bags are usually classy, and it is always a thing of joy to be in possession of an original one. Leather bags come in various shapes, colors, styles, and prices. Although they are usually lovely, certain situations/things may cause damage to these nice leather bags. Things such as grease, scratch/bites, ink, and wrinkle. This damage can be repaired or beyond repairs. Repairing a dented leather bag can be such a herculean task if not done properly or you don’t know the right method. Sometimes, our domestic pet may in the process of playing, leave a teeth mark or bite our designer leather bags. It can be quite disturbing, but before you get disappointed and dispose of the bag or the pet, you should try fixing it with these methods.

Some of the cases you may encounter if your pet happens to bite your luxury leather bag is;

1.The Bite Leaves A Light Scratch Or Teeth Mark: When this happens, you can try out the two methods below. The methods are quite easy and can be done at home.

Use of Leather Oil or Conditioner: This method is very efficient for removing slight scratch/mark.

Items needed:

  • Soft cloth
  • Leather oil (neatsfoot oil) or conditioner
  • Dry cloth

The Method of Application:

Clean the affected area gently using the soft cloth which has been dipped in the leather oil

Polish, the area, gently rotating it in a circular pattern around the place. It is advisable to start polishing from the centre of the affected area before moving to other places. This is done so as to allow for the leather oil to saturate the affected area. After this is done, you can put the leather bag in sunlight for about 10 – 20 minutes to allow the leather oil or condition to dry off before further wiping the bag clean with a dry cloth. Note: This method is effective in cases where the marks are not so visible, or the scratches are mild.

Use of Olive Oil and Vinegar:

Although there are a lot of articles that have been written against the use of vinegar or any domestic product in fixing leather bags marks or scratch, this is one of the first methods of repairing leather bags. This is common because the leather kits used for this process can be gotten or prepared at home.

Items needed:

  • Soft cloth
  • Leather cleaner
  • Purified White Vinegar
  • Olive oil

The Method of Application:

Before you proceed on any scratch, stain, and teeth marks removal process on your leather bag, always try to clean the affected area with a leather cleaner. Dip the soft cloth in a bottle of purified white vinegar solution and apply gently to the affected part. The application of vinegar allows the affected area to swell especially if the dent was as a result of a dog bite. After applying vinegar, allow the area to dry up after dabbing it with a soft cloth. When the affected area is thoroughly dry, apply colourless shoe polish to the affected area and massage it until it blends well. If after the application of the above, the scratch or mark still exists, then apply olive oil. Apply olive oil rubbing it in a consistent pattern for about 5- 10 minutes and apply the colourless shoe polish again.

Leather bags are usually durable and even when slightly damaged or dented, patience and seeking the right information will save you from spending lots of cash on repairs. So before you dispose of that beautiful leather bag because of the scratch or marks, try and apply the above processes.

2. When The Bite Marks Are Quite Visible, And The Skin of the Bag Is Peeled Off: In this scenario or case, the bite leave visible marks, or the skin of the leather bag is peeled off in the process. You can use this method below to repair the bag

Use of Blow Dryer & Leather Touch-up Pen: In this method, care is highly needed in order not to apply to much heat to the leather. This is used when the marks/scratches are quite visible and just rubbing the leather with leather oil won’t remove the marks.

Items needed:

  • Blow dryer
  • Leather oil
  • Leather touch-up pen
  • Glue
  • Pin
  • Soft piece of cloth

The Method of Application:

In this method, utmost care is needed. Get a blow dryer and set the heating/pressure level to warm. After setting it to warm, heat up the affected area while you use you rub the dented leather part with your hand gently. This is done to allow for the leather dye to heat up and gather on the surface of the area. By merely doing this, it can actually fix cases with slight mark or scratches. As you continue applying mild heat to the affected area, move the blow dryer circularly or horizontally to allow the heat to reach all areas. If peradventure your thumb or hand start feeling uncomfortable or hot, try and reduce the heating temperature of the blow dryer. Apply a leather oils carefully on the mark or scratched part. This allows for the color to spread properly. If there is a part of the bag that is severely affected or has a tear, apply colour using the leather touch-up pen. After colouring the torn part, apply glue carefully inside the opening, then smoothen the area with a soft piece of cloth.

3. When A Part Of The Bag Tears Off As A Result Of The Bite: This case can be quite confusing and worrisome. Over 60 percent dispose the bag over this but why dispose of your leather bag when you can fix it yourself using the method below. Application of the blow method may be all you need in minor cases where the use of the above items may be all you need to repair your leather bag. There are other cases where just using a blow dryer, vinegar or the use of leather oil may not solve the problem. Cases where a part of the bag is torn off just like in the picture below.

From the image above, a part of the bag is pulled/torn off. A lot of people will be left with no other option than to dispose of the bag. Before you dispose of the bag, follow this procedure in trying to fix it.

Items needed:

  • Hand Sewing Machine
  • Thread that matches the color used in sewing the bag initially
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

The Method of Application:

You do not need any form of expertise to do this apart from the handling of the sewing machine aspect. First set the leather bag on a flat surface and measure the affected area with a tape. Mark the affected areas with chalk. Trim the area affected so that it looks straight and a bit professional. Do the same to the other part if you want the design to be even. If you do not want the design to be even, you can do it to just the affected area. After trimming the area, create a little space in between the leather to allow for folding. Fold the leather inside in a tucking manner so that it matches with the other part and apply craft glue carefully. Do it carefully so that you don’t spill it all over the bag. After applying the glue, clean and dabbed the surface with a dry cloth while pressing the surface with your hand. Allow the glue to dry so that it holds the area perfectly. Now is the time to sew the area with either a hand sewing machine or a standard sewing machine. Use the same type of thread used by the manufacturer in sewing the bag. Run the affected area through the sewing machine. Do it professionally so that it looks neat and doesn’t dent the bag. You can apply this method to both sides if you want the two sides to look the same or you can apply this new design to just one side.

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