What You Don’t Know About Leather Types

A man with a sense of fashion does not only look cute in his clothing, footwear, or make up; his accessories does play a role and this is why what you carry is so important to your fashion. You will agree that there is a need for harmony between your bag and your dressing to give you that distinctive style of fashion.

Bags are made of leathers but it depends on the type of leather as we have different types of leathers that can be used in the production of bags. The ability to identify various leather types aids your decision as well as choice making; most importantly when considering purchasing a leather bag. It’s quite understandable that you know; that by tanning an animal rawhide and skin, leather is produced. However, it is not limited to the cattle’s hide as other animal rawhides are used in the production of leather such as python, ostrich, deer, crocodile, shark, lizard amidst others. A python leather bag is quite different from a crocodile leather bag which is also not the same as lizard leather bag. This then brings down our minds to how well we can identify these leathers when used in the production of bags. All leather type has its pattern and so, the ability to identifying such patterns is a step closer.


  • Our first point of call is the crocodile leather. A crocodile’s leather is the tanned and processed skin of one of several species of crocodile from around the world. The crocodile skin is such that is pliable and smooth as the hides can be tanned in many custom textures and colors. A careful examination reveals      that crocodile leather is void of the umbilical scar which is an elongated star shape webbing pattern. Therefore if you find an umbilical scar on leather it isn’t a crocodile’s leather but an alligator’s leather.
  • Also, a crocodile’s leather has a four-two pattern head bumps at the back of the head -bumps with a more even rows and pattern in the scale alignment. Another notable fact to watch out for in identifying a crocodile’s leather is the visible pores on the scales. Though the hair of crocodiles disappears when the skin is tanned but yet, the pores would remain the same and this cannot be over-emphasized in the quest to identify it.Away from the crocodile leather, another leather type to consider is an ostrich’s leather. Though tanned from African ostriches that are farmed for their feathers, skin and meat, their leather is distinctive in nature due to its pattern. Its pattern of vacant quill follicles or bumps ranged across a smooth field is a good bet to its identification.
  • The luxury item is seen as desirable not just because of its beauty but because of the oil it produces which helps it resist cracking and becoming stiff. This is another good technique to identify an ostrich’s leather; so soft and supple but one of the toughest and most pliable skins available.One who fails to consider the silky feel of a lizard skin would wonder at how much hide can be derived from a lizard. A lizard’s leather can be best described as versatile since it is very soft but yet far away from tearing giving it its flexibility to be easily reshaped or cut. A uniform color can be obtained with a lizard’s leather since it can be very easy to bleach and dye evenly.
  • Nevertheless, there are three major lizard skin that are commonly used and they include; Ring lizard due to the small round color patterns in its scales and it is from Indonesia , Nile lizard is mostly found in Sudan but with smaller scales and thirdly, Teju Lizard from the southern portions of South Africa, with a small and almost square shaped scales.With three more leather type left to discuss, we will consider the deer leather. The deer leather which is associated with Native Americans has many uses today due to its unique characteristics. It is soft and supple just like the lizard leather but it can be overstretched also which is its key feature of identification.
  • Amidst other leathers, the deer’s leather is less likely to get you warm or sweaty since it is thin. Moreover, another form of identifying a deer’s leather is that it is not naturally water or stain resistant.Besides the crocodile leather, ostrich leather, lizard leather and deer leather, another type of leather is the python leather. It is a thin and pliable leather smooth with scaling and brilliant colors. It is characterized with a skin so light in weight and a diverse array of style and color as one would instantly identify it from distance courtesy of its beauty.
  • Paying more attention to its scales is more important in identifying a python’s leather. Each scale has an outer surface and an inner surface and except on the head, scales usually overlap. The skin from the inner surface hinges back and forms a free area which overlaps the base of the next scale and emerges below the surface. In a better understanding, the dorsal scales on the python’s body are arranged in rows along the length of their bodies (adjacent rows are diagonally offset from each other). With this description, you would be able to identify a python’s leather compared to other types of leathers.Finally, the last animal leather whose identification is yet to be described is a shark’s leather. Shark skins are tanned in the same way as the skin of most terrestrial animals such as cows. The shark’s leather can be identified by the characteristics of a shark’s skin; grey in color and the contrast between its slippery appearance and its rough tactile texture.The presence of dermal denticles on the shark’s skin gives it the rough textures which are actually placoid scales. They are widely known for their rough, course texture. Therefore, the key clue to identifying a shark’s leather is the roughness and course texture.
  • With the aid of the identification features of the types of leathers aforementioned and images, you should now be able to make a choice that suits you when it comes to purchasing a bag of different leather types.  Besides these, the ability to identify your leather is highly important so as to know how to go about taking care of it in terms of its cleaning. This might easy or not worthy a reason but if you do not know it, you might be a bit in a bind.Your fashion style is not complete without that perfect association of your accessories and your clothing to give you that trendy look you so much desire.


Besides you just knowing how to identify the six leathers aforementioned, leathers are generally sold in four main forms which includes;The Full-grain leathers which are not sanded in a bid to remove the natural on the hide surface. The grain provides the fiber strength, durability, and breathability that shield the leather from absorbing much moisture and they are known to be available in two finish types; aniline, semi-aniline. The full grain leathers are not very pliable than the Top-grain leather.The Top-grain leathers has the split layer separated away from it making it thinner and more pliable than Full-grain. If it well finished, it has a greater stain resistance than full grain leather and it is typically less expensive.Created from the fibrous part of the hide after the top-grain hide of the rawhide has been separated from the hide is the Split leather and that leaves us with the corrected-grain leather.The corrected-grain leather is any leather that has had an artificial grain applied to its surface. The natural marks are corrected and an artificial grain is embossed into the surface.


Leather is a fabric that can be used to make clothes and accessories and it is known for its quality. This is a great material which is durable, elegant in style and has a natural perspective of beauty. It’s strength to stand the test of time, and breathability helps maintain your properties in your bags by keeping it “alive”. Its flexibility is beyond imagination as it remains flexible but yet keeps is shape and strength, and also quite less expensive. If you want to support the sustainable development goals, then you should go for an eco-friendly product such as leather; it is natural with no chemicals used in the production and no records of carbon footprints and bio-degradable.

Finally, leather is a form of fabric that has stood the test of time, strong, and irrespective of your clothing style, it adds color to your fashion trend making you look amazing. You can check out our leather bags and make some move to enjoy the benefits of the leathered world by adding to cart your choice of bag from our store.

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