Why Handmade Leather Goods So Popular

I have a photographer friend who has a hobby making hand-made leather goods, which can improve the taste and make some extra money.

A few years ago saw an online teaching stickers, hand-made leather with a certain understanding, I think is a very small number of handmade DIY, when occasionally heard that the photographer friends also like to do leather, it was found unconsciously, more and more people contact and like to use Hand-Made leather.

In the past two years handmade leather are more and more popular and  loved by everyone, many people have entered the pit, buy tools, buy leather, looking for a tutorial, make a variety of exquisite grade handmade leather products, from the card bag, watch bag to handbag everything

Handmade leather is indeed a kind of different from the factory line leather charm, even if it is to make a simple card package, many people did not touch the first sight will like, because really very texture.

A little more complicated than the card bag wallet and handbag is even more ambitious, handmade leather really has a charm, no wonder many luxury brands always advertise their own leather is hand-made.

The rise of handmade leather goods and sought after, naturally produce a variety of opportunities, many people to join them, pocketed.

Compared to other hand-made, hand-made leather pit to be deeper, because from tools and materials, are relatively expensive.

Hand leather has a variety of specialized tools, such as cutting knife, edging, groove, edging, grinding stick, glue Stick, awl, Diamond cut, etc., the price is not cheap.

I’ve heard a player say that the“cut ” of the car line alone, four to add up to 700 Yuan, he fragmented Tools Add up to nearly 3000 Yuan.。

With Tools, then talk about raw materials, since it is leather, raw materials are naturally a variety of leather, these are expensive, there are some good quality leather prices even people say.

There are many shops selling all kinds of handmade leather tools, including all kinds of imported and domestic tools and leather raw materials, are sold very well.

Many enthusiasts buy more and more tools, finished products are also increasingly good, in addition to giving, many people will be part-time sales, there are some enthusiasts gradually become a professional craft leather carpenter.

Some people open a shop to accept a variety of custom, some people open a line store operations, many consumers buy when gifts.

The most customized purse, watch belt, etc., such as a price of 5000 Yuan watch, factory leather strap to 700 Yuan, hand-customized leather watch with 300 yuan, the quality is not inferior to the original factory, natural sought after.

Also in a friend’s birthday or Festival, send a hand-customized leather bag, is also very new, very popular.

In addition to the sales tools and raw materials, to accept the finished product order, you can also do from the media and forums, bringing enthusiasts together, it turns out to be very valuable, there have been some good self-media and forums, but the market is so big, as long as you do, there is enough space to live.

In addition to these, I am most optimistic about the training and activities of the organization, leather production training courses, Junior classes, intermediate classes, advanced classes and other training for different levels of demand.

Training is aimed at people who want to be a leather craftsman, or look at the industry, want to open a shop or find a job groups, activities are aimed at amateur enthusiasts, such as the organization of the production of simple leather activities, to give everyone a good tool, and guide them to operate, and then make the finished product, can be used as a gift to friends.

Regardless of sales tools and materials, sales of finished products, do from the media, or training and event organization, as long as the trend of handmade leather goods continue, the market space is very large.

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